About Us 

Self-care done differently.

Ochre Touch is a boutique sexual wellness brand on a journey to create a safe, inclusive space for every body to explore personal intimacy at their own pace.

We believe in a holistic approach to wellness, and that pleasure is an essential aspect of self-expression... but that doesn't mean intimacy looks or feels the same for all of us. Our aim is not to break down stigmas, open the conversation, or push any particular narrative; it’s simply to create a comfortable and elevated space to explore. That's why we've introduced a diverse collection of innovative, aesthetic bedroom essentials designed to foster a full range of experiences.

Redefined, redesigned.

Our collection has been carefully curated to bring our audience a new era of intimate essentials that not only feel great, but look great too. The range covers the full spectrum of sensations, acknowledging that all bodies experience pleasure differently and deserve avenues to facilitate their unique needs. From the petite and discreet, to the more adventurous, our 12 innovative designs allow individuals to find their own path and explore pleasure comfortably, regardless of their experience or preferences.