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Introducing Electra, the ultimate power bank specifically designed for discreet or on-the-go charging of your devices. Electra's compact, stylish design allows for easy transportation and inconspicuous use, ensuring your devices stay powered up wherever life takes you.

With universal compatibility and a robust battery, Electra provides reliable and safe charging of your devices, making it an essential companion for maintaining your intimate moments without interruption.


With a large 8000mAh capacity, you will be able to charge
up your device many times over.

To Charge your device plug device cable into the USB output port and opposite end into the device.

Four LEDs indicate power remaining before you have to recharge your power bank.

To Charge the powerbank simply plug its chord into the Micro USB output port and opposite end into any USB compatible wall charger.

Do not drop, hit or shake your power bank
which can cause internal damage
Do not place in water
Do not expose to heat, exessive sun or rain
Do not store or carry flammable liquids, gases or
explosives near power bank
Keep out of each of children
Do not disassemble
It is recommended to charge power pack at last
once a month

Capacity: 3.7V 8000mAh
Battery: Type Li-ion
Material: ABS, PC
Input: 5V-1A
Output: 5V-1A
Dimensions: 65mm(W) 110mm(H) 9mm(D)

Package contents
1 x Mobile Power Bank
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Guide

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