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Experience the epitome of pleasure with Lux; our heated dual vibrator. Perfect for solo or couples play, its dual function and shape adapts to your body whilst heat technology and 10-speed dual vibrations allows you to indulge in a new level of pleasure. 

Warming function
10-level double vibration
Quiet design
In-line charger
100% Platinum-grade silicone

Before use, ensure that the battery is fully charged by checking the indicator light. The light will flash when charging and remain on when the device is charged and ready to use.

Note: To charge the device, only use the USB cable provided and never operate or be in contact with water whilst charging.

To get started, press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn the device on and activate the vibration function in both areas. Short-press the vibration button to cycle through the modes of intensity until you reach a level you desire.

Press and hold the warming button to activate the heating function - this will turn the red light on. To turn off the heating function, simply press and hold the button again - the red light will switch off. When both the vibration and heating functions are being used simultaneously, the indictor light will be pink.

To turn the device off, simply press and hold the power button for two seconds. This will cease all functions and the indicator light will turn blank.

Pair with the Ochre Touch Intimate Gel for an enhanced experience.

Do not use on broken or irritated skin.
Discontinue use if any discomfort or irritation occurs.

Clean your device before and after every use with Ochre Touch Clean and dry using a lint-free cloth.

Store your device inside the storage bag provided in a clean, well-ventilated area away from other toys and materials to ensure the integrity of the silicone.

Do not use alcohol, benzine, or acetone-based cleaners on your device.

Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

Included with your device: antibacterial storage bag, charging cable, and user guide.

Product Size: 189*67*34mm
Product Weight: 145g
Charging Voltage: 5.0V
Charging Method: In-line charging
Charging Time: 2H
Battery Life: 90 minutes
Waterproof Grade: IPX6
Function Mode: 10-level double vibration and warming mode
Warming Temperature: 30 degrees
Drive battery: 3.7V polymer lithium battery

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